who-we-buildingsWho We Are

All Island Equity was founded from our sincere desire to see Vancouver Island flourish, and to finally realize the unique potential of our island communities and local economies. We want to provide a foundation for our local economies to prosper through sustainable growth; we see the value in investing in our Island communities because we believe that everyone benefits. 

“A rising tide lifts all boats” – John F. Kennedy

It is our goal to partner with developers to ensure their success by providing dependable financing and trustworthy advice, while ensuring our investors receive stable returns.


Open and ongoing communication builds understanding and trust, a foundation of our business.

Active Partnerships

Only through mutually beneficial relationships with clients, developers, and investors will All Island equity reach its full potential.

Local community, local economy

We understand and appreciate that there are exponential benefits to investing and spending money locally.

Progressive Vision

Our business is built around helping others realize their vision.

Strategic Alliances

Our people are our strength, and together we are an efficient team.